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UF in Rio de Janeiro

Summer 2021 will be the 40th year of the UF-in-Rio de Janeiro program between UF and the Instituto Brasil-Estados Unidos (IBEU).

Summer B 2021
July 5th – August 13th

Contact information:

Andréa Ferreira ( – Spanish and Portuguese Studies
Nicole Fuls ( ) – UF International Center

Who is Eligible?

Both UF and non-UF students are eligible to apply. Applicants should be in good academic standing, have completed the first semester of the freshman year, be at least 18 years of age, and have completed two (2) semesters of Portuguese or one semester of intensive introductory Portuguese with a grade of B or better.

Many FLAS fellowship recipients have studied on this program, which is specifically designed to meet FLAS standards.

Admission to the online program is competitive and enrollment is limited to 15 students. UF students have priority for admission, as do FLAS fellowship recipients (both undergraduate and graduate students). Given our necessary shift to an online format, we will have rolling admissions closing in early June.

FLAS Proficiency Testing Policy

Students with FLAS fellowships from other institutions will need to make arrangements for pre- and post-program testing through their home institution or the institution awarding their FLAS fellowship. Students and local FLAS officers are responsible for contacting an instructor to administer the language test before and after the program. NB: Program instructors will administer the required FLAS pre- and post-program proficiency testing only for FLAS Fellows funded by UF.

Program Description

The University of Florida Language and Culture Program in Rio de Janeiro is a 6-week FLAS-certified program offering 140 contact hours of classroom instruction in Portuguese. Designed with ACTFL standards in mind, the classes and assignments are based on the 5 “C’s” of Language Learning:  Communication, Culture, Communities, Comparisons and Connections. Hence, all classroom activities and assignments involve intensive language instruction in Portuguese. The program offers three levels: intermediate, advanced intermediate and advanced, plus a cultural component for all levels.

In State of Florida numbering, language offerings and equivalencies are normally POR 2201, Intermediate 1; POR 3242, Intermediate 2; POR 3243, Upper Intermediate; and POR 4956, Advanced.


Student placement for language instruction is determined by a test given on the first day of classes. Classes will be held online, and ministered by both IBEU (Instituto Brasil-Estados Unidos) staff and UF staff. IBEU is a well-known and highly regarded center for language instruction. The program includes virtual excursions, curated by experts.

General Education & Summer Requirements

The course is designed to fulfill six (6) hours of academic requirements. With prior approval, Florida students may apply their coursework towards summer residency, general education requirements, electives, and major/minor requirements for graduation. Students are required to receive academic approval for their participation in the program PRIOR to their participation. Credits earned on the program transfer to the University of Florida, but grades are not computed in students’ GPAs by the registrar’s office.

Costs: TBA

This fee includes tuition/fees and related program expenses.

Each FLAS-granting institution has its own regulations on whether fellowships are disbursed to the student or paid to the institution sponsoring the program, so please contact the FLAS coordinator at your granting institution for information on disbursement. Information about allocations can be obtained from Lenny Ureña (

Financial Aid

Students should check with their Financial Aid office to determine whether they are eligible for financial assistance. UF students who normally receive financial aid (including scholarships) may continue to receive it while joining our virtual program. Students not attending UF should apply to their home university for financial assistance.

Limited scholarships for UF Portuguese majors are also occasionally available through the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies Study Abroad Scholarship and the Center for Latin American Studies (Alfred E. Hower Scholarship).

UF undergraduate students and graduate students from any institution, who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents, may be eligible to apply for FLAS Summer Fellowships from the UF Center for Latin American Studies.

How & When Can I Apply?

The application deadline is May 31,  2021, after which applications will be accepted only on a space available basis, in order of submission. Incomplete applications will not be considered.