Tapas (kphua, Flickr)

Tapas (kphua, Flickr)

  • Jessi Aaron (Ph.D., University of New Mexico)
    Associate Professor of Spanish; Sociolinguistics, language variation and change, language contact, grammaticalization.
    Email (jeaaron@ufl.edu)
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  • Luis Alvarez-Castro (Ph.D., Ohio State University, Universidad de Valladolid), Professor of Spanish; affiliate, Center for European Studies. 19th- and 20th-Century Spanish Literature and Culture. Graduate Coordinator.
    Email (lacastro@ufl.edu)
  • Shifra Armon (Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University), Associate Professor of Spanish, Fulbright Research Chair (U Alberta, Fall 2017).  Baroque-enlightenment continuities, Cervantes, Early Modern Spanish literatures and culture studies.
    Email (sarmon@ufl.edu)
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  • Efraín Barradas (Ph.D., Princeton University), Professor of Latin American Studies and Spanish. Spanish American literature, especially of the Hispanic Caribbean and its diaspora; cultural studies.
    Email (barradas@ufl.edu)
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  • M. Elizabeth Ginway (Ph.D., Vanderbilt University), Associate Professor of Portuguese. Brazilian literature and culture, Latin American science fiction and Fantasy.
    Email (eginway@ufl.edu)
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  • Emily Hind (Ph.D., University of Virginia), Associate Professor of Spanish. Mexican Studies (Literature, Film, Culture, Politics, History); Latin American Literature and Film; 20th– and 21st– Century Critical Approaches within the Interdisciplinary Humanities.
    Email (ehind@ufl.edu)
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  • Gillian Lord (Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University), Professor of Spanish and Linguistics. Second language acquisition, L2 phonetics and phonology, technology in foreign language education. Chair of the Department.
    Email (glord@ufl.edu)
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  • Diego Pascual y Cabo (Ph.D., University of Florida), Assistant Professor of Spanish and Linguistics. Bilingualism, heritage language teaching and learning. Director of Spanish Heritage Language program.
    Email (dpascual@ufl.edu)
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  • David A. Pharies (Ph.D., University of California-Berkeley), Professor of Spanish and Linguistics. Romance historical linguistics. Associate Dean for Humanities, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.
    Email (pharies@ufl.edu)
    Home Page
  • Martín Sorbille (Ph.D., University of California-Los Angeles), Associate Professor of Spanish; affiliate, Latin American Studies; affiliate, Center for European Studies. 19th Century and early 20th Century Latin American literature and culture. Spanish-American film studies. Psychoanalysis. Literary and critical theory.
    Email (sorbille@ufl.edu)
  • Jorge Valdés Kroff (Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University), Assistant Professor of Spanish and Linguistics. Psycholinguistics, especially sentence processing in bilingual and second language speakers; Spanish-English code-switching; Spanish heritage speakers.
    Email (jvaldeskroff@ufl.edu)
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Buildings (Eneas, Flickr)

Buildings (Eneas, Flickr)

Graduate Students

SPS Graduate Students, Fall 2017

More detailed information on the graduate students and their interests, as well as the Organización de Estudiantes Graduados de Español (OEGE) can be found on their page. 

  • Phillip Allen (philipallen@ufl.edu): Spanish Golden Age literature
  • Laura M. Callahan (lauracallahan@ufl.edu)
  • Antonio Cardentey Levin (antoniocl@ufl.edu)
  • Anthony Cazares (anthonycazares@ufl.edu)
  • Thomas “Buddy” Delegal (thomasdelegal@ufl.edu): bilingualism, code-switching, second-language acquisition
  • Luis Alberto Escudero (esfera@ufl.edu): Spanish literature (mainly novel) and its connections with other literatures
  • Alberto Fernández-Diego (a.fernandezdiego@ufl.edu): second language acquisition, teaching methods, pedagogy, phonology, psycholinguistics
  • Paula Fernández-Hernández (pfernand@ufl.edu): literature of Canary Islands and Caribbean (poetry, XXth-XXIst century)
  •  Laura Guillen-Matus (lguillenmatus@ufl.edu):second language acquisition of Spanish, intercultural communicative competence, study abroad, education in multicultural societies, and instructional technology
  • Nancy Pinzón (npinzoace@ufl.edu): XX and XXI Latin American literature
  • Falcon Restrepo-Ramos (frestrepo@ufl.edu): language variation in Spanish SLA, Western Caribbean creoles and Spanish language contact
  • Hernán Rosario (hernanrosario@ufl.edu): languages in contact, bilingualism, phonology, sociolinguistics
  • Mercedes Tejera (mercedestejera@ufl.edu): 20th and 21st century Transatlantic Literature: Iberian and Latin American science fiction; focusing on gender and politics: Mass media culture and neoliberalism
  • Melany Vergara Suárez (melanydcv@ufl.edu): the social economy of the body in 20th and 21st century Latin American narrative
  • Monica Wilinski (hodwil@ufl.edu): second language acquisition; Spanish as a Heritage Language, teaching methods
  • Greity Gonzalez Rivera (ggonzalezrivera@ufl.edu)
  • María Hernández González (maria.hernandezg@ufl.edu) Indigenous identity in contemporary Latin American literature and visual arts
  • Nick Judd (njudd@ufl.edu)
  • Mariandreína Kostantinov (mkostantinov@ufl.edu): bilingualism, multilingualism, second language acquisition, phonetics, phonology
  • Damaris Mayans-Ramón (mayansr1@ufl.edu): psycholinguistic aspects of bilingual and multilingual acquisition with a focus on processing of lexical-syntactic information
  • Hamideh Mohammadi (hmoh@ufl.edu): psycholinguistics, sentence processing, second language acquisition, bilingualism
  • Francesc Morales García (fmorales1980@ufl.edu): cultural studies, intellectual history, digital humanities, cultural history, horror film, archaeology, political violence
  • Marcela Murillo (marzum@ufl.edu): XX and XXI Latin American literature, gender studies, cultural studies.
  • Lori Nevin Lye (lorin@ufl.edu): second language acquisition; teaching methods
  • Patricia Tavares (pinfantino0908@ufl.edu): Latin American science fiction, horror and fantasy, 19th century Latin American literature 

Other instructors