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Literatures and Cultural Studies

The University of Florida’s Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies offers M.A. and Ph.D. programs in Literatures and Cultural Studies.

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Who studies Literatures / Cultural Studies ?

We see students have completed a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Spanish, Literature, Linguistics, History, Philosophy, Arts, Art History, among other disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences. However, we can offer background and supplemental courses in particular cases where a student may lack certain basic information or knowledge.

Who Are Our Faculty?

Seven full-time faculty members in the Department are engaged in teaching and research in Literatures and Cultural Studies.

  • Luis Alvarez-Castro (Ph.D., Ohio State University, Universidad de Valladolid), Professor of Spanish; affiliate, Center for European Studies. 19th- and 20th-Century Spanish Literature and Culture. Graduate Coordinator.
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  • Shifra Armon (Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University), Associate Professor of Spanish, Fulbright Research Chair (U Alberta, Fall 2017).  Baroque-enlightenment continuities, Cervantes, Early Modern Spanish literatures and culture studies.
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  • Efraín Barradas (Ph.D., Princeton University), Professor of Latin American Studies and Spanish. Spanish American literature, especially of the Hispanic Caribbean and its diaspora; cultural studies.
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  • M. Elizabeth Ginway (Ph.D., Vanderbilt University), Associate Professor of Portuguese. Brazilian literature and culture, Latin American science fiction and Fantasy.
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  • Emily Hind (Ph.D., University of Virginia), Associate Professor of Spanish. Mexican Literature, Film, and Cultural Studies; Children’s and Young Adult Mexican Literature; Gender and Age Studies; Mexican Petrofiction and Gobal Petroculture; Decolonial Approaches; Interdisciplinary Humanities
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  • Martín Sorbille (Ph.D., University of California-Los Angeles), Associate Professor of Spanish; affiliate, Latin American Studies; affiliate, Center for European Studies. 19th Century and early 20th Century Latin American literature and culture. Spanish-American film studies. Psychoanalysis. Literary and critical theory.
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  • Paola Uparela (Ph.D., University of Notre Dame), Assistant Professor of Spanish. Colonial and Transatlantic Latin American Cultural Studies; Gender, Sexuality, and Queer Studies; Visual Culture, Race, and Biopolitics.
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Mafalda and friends in a fileteado painting on the back of a newsstand in Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Juan Manuel, flickr)


Regular Literature and Cultural Studies course offerings in our Department include the following. In addition, we continually reassess and modify our curriculum.


Latin American Studies

Peninsular Literature and Culture

Brazilian Literature and Cultural Studies

Caribbean Literature and Cultural Studies

Transatlantic Studies

Spring 2020

  • PetroMexico, Dr. Hind (SPW 6902, M 9-11)
  • Machado de Assis and Cultural Capital, Dr. Ginway (POW 6930, MWF 7)
  • Literatura y cultura latinoaestadounidenses, Dr. Barradas (SPW 6902, W 9-11)
  • Critical Theory, Dr. Alvarez-Castro (SPW 6902, T 8-9, R 9)


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Fall 2019

  • “Wolf Man” in “The Slaughterhouse” Dr. Sorbille (SPW 6934)
  • Spanish Prose Fiction: Displacement and Control, Dr. Armon (SPW 6216)
  • Colonial Literature, Dr. Uparela (SPW 6209)
  • Brazilian Dystopias and Mediascapes, Dr. Ginway (POW 6930)

Spring 2019

  • Letras mexicanas s. XX-XXI, Dr. Hind (SPW 6286)
  • Navigating an Academic Career (intro to grad study), Dr. Alvarez-Castro (SPW 6806)
  • Transculturation and Postcolonial Theory, Dr. Sampedro (SPW 6934)
  • Crime Fiction in Brazil, Dr. Ginway (POW 6930)


Our Students

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Authors of Latin American Roots, 1998. Enrique Chagoya (rocor, Flickr)