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Certificate in Spanish for the Professions

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies is pleased to offer a new certificate program in Spanish for the Professions.

This certificate consists of 12 credit hours at the 3000-level with the goal of providing students with the linguistic skills and cultural knowledge necessary for working in an increasingly global community, focusing specifically on the Spanish-speaking world. Coursework builds cultural background and communicative proficiency while providing profession-specific language and experience.


Dr. Antonio Sajid López


A grade of C or better in SPN3300 or SPN3350; or equivalent background (e.g., native language or comparable coursework)

Courses and Requirements

  1. Passing grade in SPN 3414: Advanced conversation 2
    (For heritage speakers of Spanish, SPN4314 substitutes for SPN3414)
  2. Passing grade in SPN 3948: Service Learning
    (Can be taken at home or abroad, or both)
  3. Passing grade in SPN 3510 OR SPN 3520 (Culture and Civilization of Spain or Latin America)
  4. Passing grade in at least ONE of the following courses:
  • SPN 3440: Commercial Spanish
  • SPN 3442: Marketing and Advertising in the Spanish-Speaking World
  • SPN 3036: Spanish for Health Professions
  • SPN 3451: Spanish Translation and Interpretation
  • SPN 3533: Spanish for Educators
  • SPN3831: Spanish for Legal Professions
  • Other selected topics courses (usually offered under the SPN 3930 number) may also be applicable, check with the Certificate coordinator.

In order to apply for/enroll in the Certificate program, please complete this form, which will be received by the Certificate coordinator, who will then be in touch with you.