“Lo que María nos dejó”

Hurricane Maria, one year later: the story of how one family is surviving following the devastation that Maria left on the island. View the documentary made by PhD student Laura Callahan at https://youtu.be/1PgjrPCF3yg. 

“Boleto de Ida”

Click here to view this semester’s installment of our ongoing oral history project, created by the students in Prof. Antonio Sajid López’s SPN3948 class.

Dr. Lord’s text featured in Inside Higher Ed


Dr. Lord’s new digital text for beginning Spanish was recently featured in Inside Higher Ed. Click to read the story.

Dr. Armon: Creative Campus Scholar-In-Residence

Creative Campus Scholar-in-Residence Dr. Shifra Armon, during rehearsals for Hairspray at the Constans Theater of the UF School of Theater+Dance, October 2018. Dr. Armon received the Creative Campus award to strengthen the performative dimension of her theater classes in SPS.


Online SPN1130 class wins OEEA award

Watch Dr. Crystal Marull talk about her Beginning Spanish 1 online course, which won the 2018 OEEA for Large Enrollment Strategies. (https://youtu.be/-PB54cwS2RY)

SPN2201 students behind the camera

Students in Intermediate Spanish 2 created cortometrajes, short films, as a culminating project for their course. Click post title to see the winner!

“Los hijos del huracán María”

Click here to watch the film created by SPN3948, an oral history of immigrants who came to Florida fleeing the effects of Hurricane María.

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“Un camino difícil: El trabajo duro de inmigrar”

Click to see the latest installment in the oral history project created by the students in SPN3948: Spanish in the Community.

No matter where you look, there are people with amazing stories about how they landed in Gainesville, and, believe it or not, many of them didn´t even start life in this country. Have you ever wondered about the people who come from elsewhere and speak different languages, what their lives were like, what they dreamed of, what they left behind?

Build paths, not walls.

Department of Spanish and Portuguese Studies.