The students in our SPANISH IN THE COMMUNITY class are proud to share this year’s oral history video, “Aquí estoy: entre banderas  y colores.”

Click here to view this semester’s installment of our ongoing oral history project, created by the students in Prof. Antonio Sajid López’s SPN3948 class.

Creative Campus Scholar-in-Residence Dr. Shifra Armon, during rehearsals for Hairspray at the Constans Theater of the UF School of Theater+Dance, October 2018. Dr. Armon received the Creative Campus award to strengthen the performative dimension of her theater classes in SPS.


Watch Dr. Crystal Marull talk about her Beginning Spanish 1 online course, which won the 2018 OEEA for Large Enrollment Strategies. (

Click here to watch the film created by SPN3948, an oral history of immigrants who came to Florida fleeing the effects of Hurricane María.