An edited volume to which Dr. Armon contributed a chapter has just received the Society for the Study of Early Modern Women and Gender’s book prize for “Best Collaborative Project on Women and Gender Published in 2018.” ¡Enhorabuena!

The students in our SPANISH IN THE COMMUNITY class are proud to share this year’s oral history video, “Aquí estoy: entre banderas  y colores.”

Click here to view this semester’s installment of our ongoing oral history project, created by the students in Prof. Antonio Sajid López’s SPN3948 class.

Creative Campus Scholar-in-Residence Dr. Shifra Armon, during rehearsals for Hairspray at the Constans Theater of the UF School of Theater+Dance, October 2018. Dr. Armon received the Creative Campus award to strengthen the performative dimension of her theater classes in SPS.


Watch Dr. Crystal Marull talk about her Beginning Spanish 1 online course, which won the 2018 OEEA for Large Enrollment Strategies. (